Advantages of Paperless Board Meetings

Advantages of Paperless Board Meetings

Participating in paperless board meetings can improve your emotional state. After all, when you listen to experts, learn more about their path to success, you begin to believe in your own strength and try to achieve no less success in your own work.

Pros of Paperless Board Meetings

Paperless board meetings are a pre-planned, organized gathering of people to discuss a specific issue that has been identified in advance. This definition is given to us by the omnipotent Internet. And it is correct, but they forgot to say that conferences are also opportunities for development, acquisition of new knowledge, search for non-standard solutions and incredible ideas, as well as for inspiration!

The main advantages of paperless board meetings are:

  • ability to create events from Google and Outlook calendars using free plugins. Zoom is easily integrated into various scheduling systems, making it easier for users to coordinate meeting times with each other;
  • video and audio quality: video broadcast with a resolution of 720p;
  • screen demonstration: any participant can share a broadcast of their screen;
  • the administrator (leader) has the opportunity to select several participants for simultaneous display of screens;
  • available for commenting;
  • recording: after the meeting video is available in MP3 format, audio in M4A format, text messages (chat) are also saved. You can save the recordings to your computer;
  • mobile devices: the ability to plan and start events, provide access to the event, as well as broadcast the desktop on mobile devices.

Zoom as One of the Best Options for Paperless Board Meetings

Users of paperless board meetings can use the Zoom application on a computer as well as on a tablet and phone. Anyone with a link or conference ID can join the video conference. The event can be planned in advance, as well as make a permanent link, ie for regular meetings at a certain time. Important note! To work with video conferencing, your computer must be equipped with a video camera, microphone, and speakers. Laptops, tablets, and smartphones already have all these features.

How to create a paperless board meeting via Zoom?

  1. “Schedule” and enter all the necessary parameters (date and time, settings for you, as the organizer and participants).
  2. “New Conference” – Instant Conference. If you frequent your online meetings in Zoom, you don’t have to create a new conference every time with a new URL or ID. The service allows you to use the same settings for instant video conferencing – it will be enough to specify the time of the next meeting and users can connect to you according to the previous authorization data.
  3. To start a demo, click the Sharing button on the bottom bar of the Zoom tab and select the program window (or the entire Desktop) for the demo.

You may not be able to show the entire screen, any program, or attachments separately. There is no need to show your desktop to the interlocutors, if you do not want it, you can only show a program for presentations or a browser, etc. A useful object for demonstration is an interactive board on which the organizer of the conference and each of the participants have the opportunity to write and draw something. This is how the discussion becomes visually detailed. By the way, during the demonstration of any presentation, participants and organizers also have the opportunity to show images from their PC, review certain sites, and more.